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    Wheel of Time Ruleset

    I am wanting to make a ruleset based on 5E but spellcasters are actually "Weavecasters" and get more slots per round than typical 5E.

    Is that a possible ruleset creation?
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    Juts to further the above since I discussed this with tstory30 on Discord.

    What he is looking for would be an extension to the 5e ruleset that would change the Spellcasting trait to be called Weavecasting so that it would still work with the FG automation when creating characters and also to allow for different numbers of spell slots. This would not be a full ruleset.
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    Perfect. Guess I need to learn coding in LUA then.
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    Any update on this?
    My friend is going to GM Wheel of Time and we already using FGU for other RPG.
    How useful is the DnD 3.5E ruleset for running a Wheel of Time campaign (both d20 systems)?

    If any one missed The Wheel Of Time 2021 TV-series
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    I think its 3.0e

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    I have the Wheel of Time HC and while it has the d20 branding logo on the back cover, it is indeed D&D 3.0 - it was published in 2001. My copy is buried away in storage and it's been some time since I browsed it. Anyhow...there's only core classes and no prestige classes like in 3.5 or later d20. The caster classes were Initiate and Wilder and IIRC there was 3 setting-specific channeler skills for casters called Composure, Invert and Weavesight. Some of the other classes were Armsman, Noble, Wanderer and Woodsman and one with such a weird name that I don't have a hope in hell of remembering correctly.

    [Edit] After further thought...were I to run the Wheel of Time with FGU, I'd attempt it with the D&D 3.5 ruleset and use the WotC book to build a custom module base upon it. The bigger problem is the book, which is OOP and fetching hefty prices these days. There's always a chance to find one cheap though - mine was pretty much a throw away that I bought for $10 at a local gaming con about 7 years ago.
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