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We came across what seems to be an odd bug last night. When I (DM) wild shaped the druid - the AC value was being calculated differently when he opened his character sheet versus when I opened it. He was morphed into a Dire wolf and when he opened his sheet it came up AC14 and when I opened his sheet it came up AC13. Also in the combat tracker it was using AC13 for him when checking hit values. Even more odd, if I had his character sheet open when I morphed him into a wolf - his AC would briefly show as the correct 14 and then immediately drop to 13 on my screen.

Any ideas what's happening here?

Only other extensions are Kitn Kaboodle and Better Combat Effects. FGU latest version.
Very astute Niwi! I have no idea how long this has been happening.

Some initial tests:
1) if the player Wild Shapes their Druid, the player's AC stat is incorrect and the DM's stat is shown correctly. Further, Fantasy Grounds resolves an attack roll correctly.
2) if the DM Wild Shapes the player's Druid the player's AC stat is shown correctly but the DM's stat is incorrect. And Fantasy Grounds does not resolve attacks against the Druid correctly.

Fantasy Grounds is using the AC of the DM's copy of the character sheet to resolve the attacks against the Wild Shaped Druid.

So, if the player Wild Shapes their Druid, even though the AC stat is wrong in their copy of the character sheet, Fantasy Grounds correctly resolves attack rolls against the Wild Shaped Druid.

Restated: The player should Wild Shape their Druid and things will be okay, though their character sheet is wrong.

I am extremely busy with non D&D issues until the end of October. I'll try to get this fixed before then if I can squeeze in some time now and again to work on it.

Note that I did not test player on player attacks, (e.g. collateral damage from a spell).