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    Inconsistent Token number visibility

    This came up during my last pathfinder game, and it's just really weird.

    We played 2 combat encounters on two different maps. Both had the same enemy token a number of times and were added in ct as an encounter.
    The first worked fine, and my players could see the yellow number displayed to distinguish between the enemys. For some reason they couldn't see the numbers anymore during the next fight, while still visible on my end.
    Any idea what might have caused this?

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    I don't know what causes it but the solution is to cycle through the option to have names appear above the token. Once you do this your players will see the names and numbers again.
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    Thanks I will try that if it comes up again.
    Just to be clear, they could see the names, only the number were missing

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    Yeah, it’s been reported a few times; but we haven’t found a consistent way to recreate it in order to fix, and isn’t reported very often.


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    Yeah, I tried recreating it with a second FG instance on my computer, same encounter same map, and all worked fine.
    I thought I bungled smth up in the settings, well it isn't that crucial after all, at most a slight annoyance.

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