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    how to get special abilities on the actions tab.

    I'm trying to automate smite evil for my group's paladin. Now i found the code in a very old post, but in that post it is mentioned that the code needs to be on the action tab of the character sheet, but how do I do that? I only seem to be able to add weapons and spells.

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    Create a "spell" class, but call it "Abilities". Add something like "10" in the level 1 slot (so you can add uses to abilities) then right-click and create a new spell - call it "Smite evil". Right click on the new entry and select create action - add effect. Click the magnifying glass next to the new effect entry and enter the string for your effect.

    Then go into preparation mode and prepare Smite evil the number of times you can use it - so that you can manually track its use.

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