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    Witcher TRPG

    Are there any plans to include Witcher TRPG as a official game system ?

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    My personal view is, about 1 to 2 roleplayng systems are released a year. The development of a ruleset based on sutomation can take a couple of years, and usually a single source developer is working on it. You can create your own rule system based e.g. on more core, and some actually do so, as you can see wth the Community rulesets:

    Maybe someone is developing a ruleset by chance, but with FGU coming nearer and only 1 official developer left I have my doubts.

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    I answered in Discord, and copying here.

    While we have tried to work several deals that involved multiple publishers, I don't think a single one has gone through, because all the licensees couldn't agree or did not want to spend time on it. Any licenses based on movies or video games are going to fall into that bucket. If the RPG came first, it's probably more likely.

    Any project like that would still need a community developer to champion and build the ruleset.

    If you are looking to just play and use the more general VTT features, you can look at MoreCore. Plus, there are several themes and extensions for smaller game systems built for that ruleset. There's also a very basic CoreRPG ruleset that you can use.


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    The Witcher rolls are in MoreCore
    scroll down the list to Witcher

    MoreCore - Generic Ruleset
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