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    gm, would you post the classes of players (if they already know what they’re bringing) who signed up off-calendar... i’d like to decide and go over abilities of whatever class i’m going to bring in to round out party.
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    For the 1 XP: 3 encounters. Credits and fame depend on the specific circumstances.

    Depending on how much time we leave for RP, I would say 4 hours is doable even with 7 players. If we have to take a 20-30 minute break due to external circumstances (I would say a 25 % risk) a little bit longer but I might be able to adjust somewhat (there is one optional encounter).

    As long as all players (especially the pilot) are familiar with starship combat, it shouldn't take excessively long. Be aware that the DCs were updated.

    It is also a repeatable, so more on the cookie-cutter end of the scale regarding difficulty and complexity (#1-01 seems to be the odd one out in this regard).

    If you want to finish on time however I do suggest discussing starship roles in advance as that can easily take up 15 minutes.

    Listing only the characters not on the game calendar page: Soldier, operative and technomancer, It could also be a good opportunity to test out the playtest claases.


    This is also an option for higher-level characters as: "A player using a non-1st-level playtest character may choose to apply the earned Chronicle sheet to an existing Organized Play character."

    For the purpose of randomizing the results: Has anyone played this before? If not, does anyone want to roll the 9 die rolls to determine the specifics (without knowing the results of course)? I can always use a scapegoat should you somehow break the laws of physics and manage to roll a CR20 encounter.
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    i have never played this scenario. i can volunteer to roll a d9 — do you want it at game time, or sooner/before game so you could prepare?

    if sooner, just let me know when you’re on server (i can go on relatively quickly, within 10 minutes notice), or i can do one roll on and share out result link.
    roll dice. it builds character.

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    so with the current 6 classes, it seems again there is a lack of healing and social abilities (lol)
    roll dice. it builds character.

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    Well, healing can usually be mitigated by serums.

    The server is up.

    Small correction though:

    It's 9 different tables.
    1: 1d4

    2: 1d6

    3: 1d8

    4: 1d4



    7: 1d8

    8: 1d8

    9: 1d4

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    Congratulations on a standard gravity, standard atmosphere tundra world. There's definitely no weird creatures there.

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    .oops sorry i got pulled away. still need those rolls -- was that what the rolls were for: random environmental variables?
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    roll dice. it builds character.

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    Unfortunately, in the meantime Chris already did them. On the plus side, you can blame him for everything that happens.

    @Sir Tristan: Do you have a SFS-legal 3rd level character with chronicle sheets?

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    ok i think i will bring pregen4 envoy again (which too bad i can’t swap out some of her abilities that i would pick for my own pc).

    i think i will build my first level 1 pc as an envoy, seeing the the lack of one in current players pool (lol). also, since i’ll prob be playing more with this “core” pool, is there a starship role that i should consider to focus on, i.e. pilot perhaps, or captain maybe?
    roll dice. it builds character.

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    The position that so far usually has not been filled (players usually opted for a second gunner instead) was the Captain role.

    DEX-based characters usually have piloting, combat-oriented make decent gunners and skill monkeys fill the engineer and science officer roles. Most SFS characters lack the Dimplomacy for Captain though. Note that this doesn't mean these classes have to play these roles but generally, they're the ones best suited for it.

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