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    AD&D finally working

    Finally have a playable AD&D 2e ruleset working. Heres some screenshots of the various changes.
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    Hi tdwyer 11b

    Wow, you have been one busy... xml programmer.

    The images look really great.

    Now the fun part begins?


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    "Where all the W... er AD&D at?"

    So are you going to be the Master of this Dungeon? If so, i'd like to par-take!
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    Ahh you gool old ring bound monsterous manual. Can you add a function to misfile Balrog into E-G section, or for the ring to pop open throwing all the data sheets over the virtual table?

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    Hi all! I'm looking for 2nd edition ruleset but the link is dead, can you post a new one?

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    Can you share that ruleset tdwyer11b...? it would be very cool
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    I too would love to get ahold of this ruleset. :-)

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    Holy CRAP! if someone gets a game of this going i'd love to get in on it.

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    wow impressive
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    I get alot of ppl asking about this ruleset. It was designed for FG1, but thanx for the kind comments. I'm using the C&C ruleset for FG2 for my old-school gaming now.
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