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    I was finally able to create a free releasable Esper Genesis module for use on Fantasy Grounds using the 5e Ruleset.
    The information contained in this module is strictly from the free downloadable Basic Rules, so I don't run into any copyright issues. This is not endorsed by AAE or Rich L. The game author (Rich L) has a copy of this file and is reviewing at his discretion. He has allowed me to release this module based solely on the fact that it only contains the free content. I created this module so any issues related to this module lie solely with me. This is a beta version. The Basic GM Rules module is still in development (which is essentially the Threat NPCs). The Burst Fire function has been adapted for use in 5e by converting Burst Fire into a "spell", specifically, a cantrip that all players can use. Just drag and drop the Burst Fire cantrip appropriate for the weapon into the Action Tab. Players and GMs will need to manually track Burst Fire. You will need to target all NPCs and players within the 10 ft square and cast the "Burst Fire" cantrip. I can't guarantee that all the fluff for every object or item is there. If you try out this module, please let me know how well it works and let me know of any bugs or issues. I will try to remedy those or tell you how. You can contact me here, or even better, on the Esper Genesis Official Discord Server with the same handle "ZenGhost"

    Copy this file into the Modules folder of your Fantasy Grounds directory (Classic or Unity). Inside Fantasy Grounds, unload all other modules, except for any map modules, and load this file. Make sure click the green check box so that players can access the information from their clients/accounts
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    Well done and thank you for contacting the author/owner.

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    Well done, ZenGhost. I will be keen to check it out when I get a chance.

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    Great, just what I was looking for I tried roll20 but the modules were full of weird bugs and missing stuff. Looking forward to giving this a proper run with FG

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