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    301 Tips for D&D 5e

    Here is a module with a table that contains 301 D&D 5e Tips from this post on Reddit. I have the permission on reddit to post this as a module in the reddit post itself.

    For now this is just a table. I'd like to see this eventually be turned into a message of the day style extension. I've also created a spreadsheet version of the entries too in case you would rather just bring the table in using Table Importer.

    I'm trying to find a clever way to show these every so often in chat. Right now, I'm rolling them hidden to the gm, then dragging them from my chat to the party chat so they appear formatted better. If anyone has any tips on how to better format table outputs to chat for this type of thing, I'm all ears.

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    One possible method would be to output to a Story Template. You can use the angled brackets to form chat entries. You could create say 4 or 5 outputs in the Template for transmission during that session.

    Edit: This assumes by table you mean rollable table.
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