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    Shield Other

    Just wondering if there is any sort of way to make Shield Other an effect or?

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    I am guessing you are talking about the spell that splits damage between the caster and someone else...

    That's a little trickier because there's no direct way (so far as I know anyway) to automatically split damage between two targets. Probably the easiest way to handle it is to simply have the aggressor do the damage untargeted so it just hits the chat box as damage with no one taking it. Then right click on the chat box damage where the damage dealt is displayed, and you'll see an option to Halve Value (lower right on the wheel) and it will cut that damage in half.. then you can click-and-hold that new damage output in the chat box and drag it onto the two targets that are splitting the damage.

    So say a Bugbear Thug hits the shielded target with it's bastard sword and you see the following chat box output:
    Bugbear Thug: [DAMAGE (M)] Bastard sword [TYPE: slashing (1d8+3=7)] (4+3 7) <--- it's be a circled display of damage.

    Right click the (4+3 7) output for the 7 damage and select Halve Damage. The display will then change to (4+3 3) for 3 damage instead of 7 (half rounded down). Click and hold the 3 circled will make it drag and droppable so you can apply it to two different targets.

    Or, honestly, you just roll that damage in the chat box without a target. .see a 7 come up, and adjust on the fly by changing the fields by 3 damage in the Combat Tracker.

    I made that a short story turned long, huh? lol.. probably just a "No, can't really set up an Effect field to do that so far as I know." would suffice :P
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    Thanks Raven! Will try that!

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