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    Quote Originally Posted by GavinRuneblade View Post
    I'm not a LUA programmer, I havent made my own. But check out this thread for info on how to make your own. https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...h-lunardaycalc
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    Find one of the calendar extensions that I did for unusual calendars, unpack it, and look at what it does. :-)
    @Andraax Oh, shall I add yet another thing to the ever growing list of world building, and paper campaign notes (3+ years worth) to a digital format conversion?! Gah! Curse you O.C.D!

    And the thing of it is... NO ONE will ever notice. But, they will be mildly impressed, that I happen to know what phase the moon it is in currently. That is. Until one of them gets a little light touch of lycanthropy. Oh, and then they'll care... Then they'll care!! /emote Mwaaahahahaha*cough-cough*hahahah!

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    @Andraax - cool I will get on that. Is there a location where I can find one of your 'unusual calendars'? I have opened up the standard calendar module, with Notepad++ and I can find several non-Gregorian calendars contained within that module (Calendar of Flanaess - Greyhawk, Calendar of Harptos - Forgotten Realms, etc.) are these the calendars you are referring too?

    This is the method (unpacking an existing calendar) I used to create my own custom in universe calendar - copied one that had a similar look as the cannon one I was already using in my paper campaign then, changed the names of months, and days, and holidays, etc.

    But, I am still not sure how to resolve the issues that I have mentioned above. The issue with every year beginning with a new moon regardless of the previous years end, moon phase. It perplexes me, honestly. I am not sure where to even begin to tug at the loose thread, to unravel the problem. Is there a section (header) I should be looking for, within the code, that I can begin playing with to get the year end/new year moon phase states to correctly match?

    If it's not already obvious, I don't have xml coding skills, and I am 'learning' by the oh-so-efficient trial-and-error method. Not completely a tech moron, but maybe 'learning disabled'? Pointers are welcome.

    EDIT: I am thinking that the @mattekure post above - which I didn't see until now - might have me on the right track... I will now investigate that... let's put a pin in this post until I have read through the full https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...h-lunardaycalc sub.
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    Not sure if this is expected behavior since I don't have a player's license to test, but when I connect to my GM-licensed server with a guest-licensed client, the moon phases don't appear for the guest-client.

    Other than that, I love it! Maybe a suggestion to have the click-to-announce button similar to the date/day area? Drag to chat certainly works fine though, no complaints there.

    Seems to work as I expect it to on the GM side without much fiddling using the 12 month-year, 30 day-month, 10 day-week Hârnic calendar with full and new moons on the 15th and 30th respectively.

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    Glad to hear this seems to work with the Hârnic 10 day-week calendar. Was just getting ready to start building mine out and then incorporating this.
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    THis seems to conflict with this extension: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...Plus-Extension. Is it possible to make them compatible?

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    I'm having an issue as my players cannot see the moons. Is this meant purely as a GM tool, or is this a bug? If so, how would I go about fixing it?

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    Does anyone know what info I should feed for Forgotten Realms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HuseyinCinar View Post
    Does anyone know what info I should feed for Forgotten Realms?
    You can try using the info on the FR wiki https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Moons

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