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    Great Job entering the classes data , yes it would be great to have them as all as one module. I'll review the class modules then combine and add them to the first post and put some links on the various places 13th Age players talk on line

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    Quote Originally Posted by njohn858 View Post
    Thanks for the advice. I had opened the modules up in FG and wasn't seeing all the info that I was seeing in the raw XML, but I hadn't been looking in the Story section. There it is!

    I'll review what you and hawkwind have done and use it as a base for what I work on.

    Under the Story section in FG, I see a button for Templates. Would it be worth creating a template for future classes/stories?

    Also, I see that hawkwind included a (blank) Reference Manual in his Commander Class. This is the first time I've seen a Reference Manual in FG....is that something worth building up or is the Story bits good enough?
    the reason why there is a blank reference manual is that i used a extension called "author " that auto builds a reference manual from the story pages but i could n't get it to work properly, i have since on another project so i will have another go when i build the super module

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    I made a module for the Swordmage (also available on 13thagesrd.com), then contacted the original author and received approval to post the module here for others to use.

    I did not add the <sub> 000x to the Story Title entries, but those can be added easily enough later on if need be.
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    Here's the module for the Abomination class.

    If you run into any issues with it, let me know.
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    Thank you for making all these Classes.
    Good job.

    I initially could not see the Commander Class.
    He did not come up as a Module with the other 7 classes in the Module List.

    I opened the file with 7 Zip ,since i was curious why ,and noticed the Commander Module was missing a Thumbnail that another sample module I opened seemed to contain.
    I copied the thumbnail into the Commander Module.
    Now I can load it in game.

    Maybe you check ,and perhaps so that other users can use ,add the thumbnail to the Module?

    The change I have done seems to work for me ,so all good on that front.
    Thanks very much for making this content.
    Did you ever make any other SRD stuff ,like idk maybe monsters?
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