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    Tegal Manor (for 5E & S&W) Kickstarter (Juges Guild reboot) - FG support stretch goal


    The Frog Gods are going crazy with this one. At some sick levels of pledging, I wish I could afford even including huge battle map of entire thing!

    From stretch goals:
    · $50,000 — Frog God will hire a converter/developer to translate the Manor into Fantasy Grounds for Virtual Tabletop play (Fantasy grounds will sell this—so no actual reward is added, but the material will be available for purchase from Fantasy Grounds)

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    Nice. If there's any money left from the wife's rampage this afternoon I'll be in for something
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    Already backed when I got the alert that Frog God Games started it. Have not been disappointed with any of their kickstarters yet.

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    Just one warning - due to my lack of rest, I didn't read it closely enough to notice that the "at 250+ backers" you get free upgrade to hardcover was PER game system!

    Two things from this:

    1. If you backed - go back and check to make sure you backed the game system you play and want to get - I play S&W and backed 5E ... ooops! (changed my pledge, it's all good)
    2. If you want to play it closer to the original, or can afford two copies! - Get S&W (also?) - it's like 0E and Tegel was out in '77.

    Finally, that KS again:

    and another one SIMULTANEOUSLY... (both are funded):

    (How Orcus Stole Christmas - A Holiday RPG Adventure -- PDF should be avail mid Dec, they say *shipping* dead-trees before 25th.)

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    Frog God Games is very into VTT and have long supported Fantasy Grounds. If you look at the store here, you will see that most of their products are on sale for Black Friday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Varsuuk View Post
    Just one warning - due to my lack of rest, I didn't read it closely enough to notice that the "at 250+ backers" you get free upgrade to hardcover was PER game system!
    So is that 250 backers per system? So if I back 5E I will only get the hardcover if 5E gets 250 people backing it? Or 250 total backers?

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    In my opinion, 5E will go hardcover without question. Just look at the pace. There’s a lot of time to go. But yes, it is per system - the higher tiers are also counted most of them are for one each of each system.

    Selling less than 250 for a popular system like 5e would be incredibly shocking to me based on the success of all their other 5e conversions (saw cover mock-up of new 5e version of a very old module of theirs being worked on... 5e conversions are going well for them and other vendors)

    I believe S&W will make 250. Just I think it will likely be about 25-35% of the 5e numbers (treat those estimates as the well researched and studied scientific studies they must be coming from me...)

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    For those wondering, they just posted update. 1 day in, they at:

    Current Book count to hardcover stretch goal

    SW 139/250

    5E 222/250

    Seems 5e is a lock that makes it in next like 28 days and even SW seems likely./probably.

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    Book count now

    5e is 316--Hardcover and leather books unlocked!

    SW 165--85 to go to unlock!

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    SW will be unlocked after (then) 32 more SW purchases.

    The FG version will be contracted to be made for 5e. That was the $50K goal and it was passed.

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