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    Ready to start a marvel game lookin pcs

    I am thinking of starting a Marvel superheros(the old percentage game) on fantasy grounds . I will be playing a game with the pcs being the super team of the avengers. It will not follow the comics but make a new timeline and universe. I can play weeknights mon-thurs from around 6pm est till 9 or 10. I dont care about level of comic experince just that you can commit to a game.so if this sounds intresting to ya let me know and we will try to get a game going as soon as posable

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    I would love to play, but the times wont work for me. You need a place to host a game thread, let us know, we will set you up with a thread for your campaign on our forum....and you never know when my love for the old marvel game might push me to make some maps or something for you. ;-)

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