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    RM companions, houserules, FG files

    Not using FG yet, but thinking on using it. I previously been running RM and RMSS for many years. Would prefer to have RMSS in FG, but I see they only have the classic. I see that there's an FRP extension, and this should convert it to the edition after RMSS right? (and those are like 100% compatible?)

    1) How do I do with all companions? RMC compantion 1-7, RMSS Arcane/Essence/Channeling/Mentalism companion, etc
    2) if no options for companions, I need atleast Companion 1 - How do I do?
    2) How do I put it Houserules?
    3) Own made spell lists?
    4) Are there any editor to put this in? or is it jkust an text editor? (language? I can understand and code)

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    I am not very familiar with the Rolemaster game system; but I will do my best to answer your questions.

    0) The FRP extension is a community project that modifies the Rolemaster ruleset (game system framework). So, you would need to determine yourself whether FRP and RMSS are sufficiently similar systems to meet your needs; and whether the FRP community extension covers the bases. It's not officially supported.

    1) The RMC companions are not available for sale on Fantasy Grounds. We currently do not have any active developers building any additional content packs for Rolemaster, and I'm not sure if the RMC companions are even available to be built. (The publisher would need to give permission, if and when a developer shows interest.) You can build your own content packs using XML, if you are so inclined; but does require some minor technical knowledge. In most cases where content is not already built, you can usually just type the information into the sheets provided by the ruleset as you go.

    2) You would handle house rules like you do around the table now. (i.e. either talk through, make straight dice rolls or adjust the rolls using modifiers) If it involves changing core mechanics of the system, then you would need to roll and adjudicate manually (like you would do at a live table), or you would need to write an extension (a ruleset mod) that involves more complex technical knowledge (Lua scripting and XML interface object definitions).

    3) I'm not familiar with the Rolemaster ruleset interface; but if it's like other rulesets, you'd be able to type these in as you need (or make your own content packs using XML, as above).

    4) There is no editor to make the content packs. They are just XML files.

    Some additional notes:

    A) All ruleset development and content pack development outside of D&D and Pathfinder are driven by community developers showing interest in expanding those products and game systems. While we help facilitate the relationships with the publishers, an active community developer is still needed to add/expand a game system.

    B) The Rolemaster ruleset is in maintenance mode; and it was built several years ago. It still works just as documented in the included manual; but doesn't have all the latest bells and whistles of the D&D rulesets.

    C) We provide a 30-day money back guarantee on our licenses (both subscription and one-time purchase) and content packs. So, you can always try it out, and get a feel for whether it will work for what you need.


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    I’ve written some lua before, and know xml extensively. Are there any documentations for the process?

    And if I write an extension that cover some of an companion. I can’t post that on these forums because of copyrights, right?

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    You can post mods that add sheets, and handle logic; but you can't post copyrighted content. (such as RMC companion pack data)

    In regards to the rulesets and extensions, there's a lot more information on the wiki regarding development on FG.

    In regards to modules (data packs), these are XML, whose format is driven by the ruleset and extensions.

    For all 3, there are many examples that come included with FG. The examples are specifically for D&D and Pathfinder, but the general ideas are similar.


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