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    FG Screen Flicker

    Having an issue when my cursor moves around on the FGII screen, elements go black. Sometimes portions of the gui are still visible, sometimes bits reappear as if highlighted, sometimes everything goes black. This occurs on the main screen as well as after activating a new campaign. In the game screen, sometimes only the dice are visible.

    What can I do?


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    OS? System specs? Always done it or just started?

    At a guess, I'd say either video driver or directX.
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    Win7; ATI Radeon graphics

    It just started, but I haven't run the program for months.

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    Make sure your video drivers are up to date (always step 1) then...

    If you card has anti-aliasing try turning it off (in the card settings) and see if that helps. I knew someone else who had a similar problem and I think that was the solution they finally found. If that doesn't help, let me know and I'll try to track him down for more details.

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    Changed Anti-Aliasing to "Use Application Settings" and it's working great!

    Thank You!

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    I have to say, that was very interesting! I am a total computer nerd so I found that intriguing indeed! Thank you for your help =) that solved every problem I had!

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    I hope that turning off the anti-aliasing on my Nvidia GeForce 6600 will also solve my FG problems...

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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    I hope that turning off the anti-aliasing on my Nvidia GeForce 6600 will also solve my FG problems...
    Welcome to FG.

    Also make sure that FG is set to use your GeForce. If you have onboard graphics, sometime that will get used in stead. Let us know if you continue to have problems.

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    Make sure in settings that you don’t have the mac compatibility option set.

    Otherwise that looks very like an issue with your graphics card. You may need to switch off some of the higher level settings.
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