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    marvel game

    Would anybody be intrested in playing a classic marvel superheros game?

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    if you are meaning the original percentile game then YES!!

    That is one of the first RPG's i played and though it has weaknesses its strongest is the flexibility it gives to character creativity and GM running the game. Very rules light and ROLEplaying intensive.
    Of course all this depends on the time and day. I am really only open Friday or Saturday evenings or possibly late Sunday afternoons. I am in CST so evenings starting as early as 630pm CST.

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    yep the old original marvel superheros i would like to have pcs as the avengers but start as if it was avenger #1
    and make our own story as we go an story lines that are close to the comics but different. I would like to see how much intrest we get but friday or sat evenings around 8 pm est sounds great

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    Sweet! I love the original Marvel RPG, one of the best systems for fast, furious play imho. trheel, if you are needing a marvel style map, check out the modern FUM Freebie here: https://www.fouruglymonsters.com/fum...opic.php?t=154

    I based the map entirely on the original style of maps they released with the Marvel Superheros game. I would love to play of even DM one of these games, but unfortunately I just have to much going presently to do so. Let us know how it goes, and if you need a place to house a thread for your campaign, look us up over at FUM. If there is enough interest, I may even make more modern maps and release them.

    Speaking of, there some place we can get the original rules?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snikle
    Speaking of, there some place we can get the original rules?
    Yes! one of my primary resources when I DM a marvel game is https://www.classicmarvel.com/

    They have all of the original manuals and resources books in scanned PDF since it is all public domain now. They also have the various fan developed material through the years. I'm not sure but I think they have a scanned copy of the original box set maps should you get the urge to create those. ;-)

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    Oh my, public domain.........can anyone say RULESET?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snikle
    Oh my, public domain.........can anyone say RULESET?
    I would do it if I could program XML I know HTML but it is probably very different LOL.
    I might just have to learn :-)

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    I also think you can go to marvel.net I think they have some scanned mannuals. plus some modules and accesories

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    Seems to have all the rules books in pdf format. Pretty swwet little character generator in the software section as well.
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