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    I was commenting on the proliferation of options. One common way to handle that is to present the most common options and then have an "Advanced..." button that lets you control to a lot finer detail. As an example associated with Celestian's extension, the standard Options window could offer only whether to use health bars, health numbers, or no indication for both GM and players. The Advanced could let users control the setting independently for GMs and users, for PCs, NPCs, and allies as a group.

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    I’ve been thinking of dividing them up; so that options specific to a region can be customized via a quick settings button on that object (such as chat output). Then, the main options window would become shortcut buttons to each group; like Languages.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post
    Yeah, one of my main concerns is option explosion. The more options you have; the more possibilities for user confusion and being overwhelmed. Not everybody wants to fiddle with so many options. This increases the options, but not terribly. I wanted to make sure I understood what it did.

    What were you trying to change for the name?
    It's been a while since I did the tests but it was basically a version of the ID/not-ID npc names before we had it. I wanted to be able to have the NPC names on tokens show "fully" for the DM and only show the "generic" name to the PCs.

    If the NPC name was "Orc (Archer)" the generic name was just "Orc" the PCs would only see something like "Orc 1" instead of "Orc 1 (Archer)". In current vernacular it would show the ID'd name to the DM and the non-ID name to the PCs.

    It seemed whatever was applied last is what everyone saw. I didn't want to re-write a lot of CoreRPG so backed off the idea once I figured this out.
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    I believe the token “name” that appears on tooltips has to be the unidentified name; because it is a token attribute synched across machines. But, I’d have to review to be sure.

    I’m not sure what the current widget implementation does off the top of my head; but that could be done with them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post
    options specific to a region can be customized via a quick settings button on that object
    a gear for the map/image window, a gear for the tokens window, a gear for the story window, etc? so each window has its own "controls" on the window itself so you know which "setting" affects which windowstate?

    now THAT would be nicely intuitive for host, clients, etc!

    Quote Originally Posted by A;
    How do I change my chat font size?
    Quote Originally Posted by B;
    Click the little gear on the chat window and change it.

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    Except that it requires rebuilding the OptionsManager script and windows; which several rulesets assume work a specific way. It all depends on whether it can be easily done without breaking existing script interfaces for rulesets.


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    Hi, Celestian. I've been noticing a scripting error pop to my GM Console since the latest update for this extension. It took me a while to narrow it down. Loading the extension into a plane 5e game with just it going though shows this in the Console:

    Script Error: [string "scripts/manager_token2.lua"]:9: attempt to call field 'addEffectTagIconConditional' (a nil value)

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    ...Duplicate post...
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