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    four gigs of ram used and it keeps locking up as well as other players
    Clear the cache on the player client. A patch went though that split the core into GM and Player version. The player one uses less than half the memory

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    If you are running at 4G of RAM, then you need to reduce one of these three things that typically cause high memory usage:

    1. Reduce number of modules loaded. Keep to only those need during play; and players should never load GM modules (DMG, adventures, etc.). GM modules are disabled by default, unless GM overrides.

    2. Reduce number and/or size of tokens used. If you use the shared tokens folder, all of the tokens are shared and loaded into memory on both the GM and the player machines. For both reduce the number of custom tokens you are loading, and make sure that they are reasonably sized. (We recommend 100x100 for Medium creatures.)

    3. Reduce number and/or size of campaign images used. Map images should be under 2000x2000 in resolution. Larger maps will eat up large amounts of memory, and will overload the graphics interface and crash at double that size.

    If you are using custom tokens and/or images provided outside the FG DLC content packs, then you are probably running into number 2 and 3.


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