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    Fantasy Grounds constantly has steam overley popping up

    I purchased fantasy grounds a little bit back and have been using it without a problem except for one small issue that has become a massive annoyance. The steam overlay keeps popping up with a big word Fantasy Grounds Demo in the upper right hand corner.

    I dont have the demo, I pay monthly for the stupid thing. I can barely work or enter in my content, and do not look forward to starting a game if I have this pop up every 30 seconds or however often it comes up. Is there something I'm doing wrong, is it a bug... What the heck is going on..

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    Information on the Steam Overlay here: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_...9394-yofv-0014

    See the "Enabling the Steam Overlay" section on how to enable (and therefore disable) the overlay.

    Another option is to not start FG from Steam.

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    Ah, thank you, honestly I never use steam much. So, I know next to nothing about it.

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    You can also configure Steam to not auto run when you start up your PC. Saves a bunch of resources and faster boot up.

    Just open the Settings from the system tray. Select the Interface tab and then uncheck "Run Steam when my computer starts".

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