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    Weird Initiative Rolls using 5E Rules

    Hi folks,
    Kind of an odd thing has happened a couple of times with initiative rolls in my 5E Game. I have a character that is able to roll 33 for initiative. I'm using the optional roll each round for everyone. The character is a barbarian not wearing armor with a 16 dex and a 14 constitution. He just took the Alert feat. I've attached a picture of this as I cannot for the life of me figure out how it is rolling this. At best it should be 20 (die roll)+3 (dexterity)+5 (alertness). Any insight on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    You have stacked the +5 twice it appears - you have an Effect and its in the Characters INIT bonus.

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    The problem is you have an effect for improved initiative that adds 5 to the init in the CT, and then on the character sheet the initiative already has the +5 for the feat (notice the +8?) So the character is getting +13 to their initiative and not +8 like you thought.

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    The thing to check for is an [EFFECTS +5] indicator in the description string for the roll in the chat window. This tells you that effects from the combat tracker are being applied to the roll.

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    Some time ago Moon Wizard added a lot of automatic functionality for certain feats. Alert was one of those; so just adding the feat to the character's abilities tab is all that is required now. It automatically adds in the bonus to the character's initiative.
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    Ahhh ha! That must be it. I'll drop it off the combat tracker listing. Thanks for all the replies!!

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