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    Totally fine with that.
    Just out of curiosity, what's the reason? Generally interested in the game but not totally sure yet?
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    hi, i'm the person asking to sit-in and observe. i'm still looking for a long-term campaign to join but haven't found one to meet my schedule requirement.

    played pathfinder for a long time but never sf, but keen to start playing. want to sit-in to get a feel for it, especially a starship combat encounter to see how it plays out, and other rules specific to sf but not pathfinder.

    thx for letting me sit-in.
    roll dice. it builds character.

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    Just be aware that this scenario doesn't have any starship combat (which also unfortunately isn't fully implemented in FG yet).

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    roll dice. it builds character.

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    Yeah I'm totally fine with someone sitting in on the game.

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    Stephan, just a heads up that your PM inbox is apparently full!

    Otherwise I'm good to create the character before the session

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    Alright, thanks, should be fixed now. Unfortunately it fills up pretty quickly.

    @ tahl_liadon: Alright, I think at this point you're welcome to join on Saturday.

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    Game is prepped. The server will be up 1 hour before game time (30 minutes if the previous game lasts longer than expected).

    If you need to construct your character, you could log in prior to that time but be sure to avoid Dead Suns spoilers.

    Some caveats: Similar to the issues some players had previously, there currently is a discussion with SF taking up too much space in the players' RAM and FG becoming unstable. SW is currently working on it but I would recommend not activating Armory if you don't need it.

    I do have some issue with the scenario in the sense of some major mechanics being really vague (and potentially not interacting smoothly with each other), which does leave a lot of room for GM interpretation (which is not optimal in SFS play).

    The scenario itself however should be fun.

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    The server is up.

    I'll still be eating but if you need anything, just write me a message.

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    Chronicle drafts sent out (email or Discord). If you want to make any purchases or spot any errors please let me know, otherwise I'll sign it.

    Next week (not entirely sure yet whether SAT or SUN, will probably depend on the players, see below) Tier 3-6 (#1-06: A Night in Nightarch) if we have enough level 3 players, otherwise Tier 1-4 (#1-12: Ashes of Discovery).

    If you have a level 3 character, please let me know whether you prefer SAT 6.30 PM GMT or SUN 2 PM GMT.

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