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    Bingo! It works! Thanks a lot for your time pr6i6st!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voxpopuli View Post
    Bingo! It works! Thanks a lot for your time pr6i6st!

    Phew, now for my next task, a character sheet.

    Thank you mcortez for this. It’s been a great learning experience atop of a great extension!

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    Thanks mcortez for this extension, and pr6i6e6st for the exemple ! Very useful in my attempt for HeroQuest
    Is there a code to launch the special dice, like when I put "2d6" in an action tab then grab it into dialog tab ?

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    I've been trying to get this extension to work with FGU and got most of it working except for the dice results being blank in the chat box.

    I removed the FGF and replaced it with a generic TTF under /graphics/fonts and edited the base.xml to include the TTF tag instead of the FGF.

    Not sure what step i'm missing to get numbers to populate in the chat box for FGU

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