FG Licence: Standard (i.e., DM can have standard or ultimate licence).
Timezone: Mountain Time, Canada.
Days of week, frequency, and time: Weekly or bi-weekly, either Saturday or Sunday, prefer a late morning/early afternoon start time.
Term: Medium to long term. Hoping for a game campaign/series of adventures that last for a few months at least.
Voice: I prefer Discord, but am willing to consider other programs. I do strongly prefer games with voice (please do not contact me for a text only game).

Game System Preferred: D&D 5e, only looking to play that system at this time.
Game System Experience: a few years as both a player and DM. I know the system well so I won't be slowing things down.
Fantasy Grounds Experience: New-ish. I have played around with the interface a good amount and played in a one-shot. That said, I may be asking "How do I do X?" a few times in earlier sessions.

Character Type Preference: I prefer to make characters in contact with the group (less chance of a why is this character even working with this group kinds of situations). I can make a compelling character of any class, but if I am looking forward to getting to play a wizard again (but am flexible).
About Me: I'm a 28 year old PhD student. I read a ton of fantasy novels in my downtime and enjoy D&D for the chance to play characters and be in situations that I would never be in IRL. As both a player and DM, I care a lot more about character motivations, goals, ideals, fears, etc. than I do about the numbers on the sheet. So if your group is all about max DPR then I probably won't enjoy the group. Ideally I would like to join a group of people who are reasonably mature, down-to-earth, and play a game where RP isn't just filler between fights. If you have any questions just send me a PM or reply below. Thanks for taking the time to read this.