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    I got my hands on the Jumpstart material and will be looking it over. Man looks really streamlined and boy you will get a huge hoot out of the netrunning rules.
    Hello there, I plan to run the Jumpstart with my online group soon and hope to be able to use Fantasy Grounds instead of Roll20. Any chance this has made some progress already? Really looking forward to this. I will work on a theme too but I am unsure if I can start when the module isn't done yet.
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    Funny that you mentioned it. I was just working on the jump start material. Might take me a bit of time as some of the mechanics are different.I will keep you posted.

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    I just had my first session using this extension/setting. Here's my wishlist of things that might be improvements:

    1. Initiative
    Since you're constantly rolling initiative, it would be nice if the character sheet actually had an initiative button and that it automatically populated to the Order in the CT. If this feature already exists, it's very well hidden.

    2. Weapon Damage
    Right now, when you click on a weapon's damage, it adds it to the modifier, instead of just rolling it. I'm not sure if this is intended and if it is, why? But it would be simpler if it just rolled it.

    3. Hit Location
    It would be awesome if when you rolled a weapon attack, it also rolled a d10 and spit out where the hit is located. Just a nice feature to speed things up.

    4. Automatic Armor / Damage Calculations
    Probably a nearly insurmountable task, but if you had #2 and #3, you could, technically read the armor for that location of the target and calculate the actual damage done to a target including their BTM, etc. and automatically apply it, even automatically rolling a stun/death save. This is the level of automation that the 5e ruleset has though, and is probably me just dreaming.

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    1 - Is easy fix and will be up in next update
    2 - I'm going to try and get it into a button, but I can input 2d6+3 on the line and in the item and when I hover it and double click it rolls just fine. I also have the dice pool disabled.
    3 - Is part of the next update as it will roll a random hit location with every attack.
    4 - Not there quite yet with the Targeting, but in the books once the CT is up and running.

    I will be working on both Cyberpunk and Shadowrun tomorrow. It's my only day off this week and will have to squeeze what I can out of my time. Don't worry, haven't forgotten this one. Also have Cyberpunk Red helping add some new features into this as I will prolly port Cyberpunk 2020 as a branch of that code since it's farther along on the CT and targeting. We will see how it all works out. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions! Keep them coming!

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    Thanks for doing this you're a scholar and a gent.

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    Updated first post with update.

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    I cant get this to work are there instructions on installing it

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    Like all extensions, you must download the file on the first post to your default fantasy grounds folder. In the majority of cases it is located %UserProfile%\Appdata\Roaming\Fantasy Grounds\Extensions. The fastest way to locate this folder would be to load up Fantasy Grounds and on the loader, there is a folder icon that will open the location we are looking for. Once you have it in the extensions folder the extension is ready to be used. You will also require the base ruleset this is built on and that is MoreCore ( Same process as the extension, but must place it in the ruleset folder. Now create new campaign and select MoreCore as the ruleset and Cyberpunk2020 as the extension.

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    thank you. now to figure out how to use it

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    Feel a bit dumb... but got to ask - I understand that CT is a work in progress... but is there any type of automation for the NPCs (even if it is just like the PCs and based off on the Character Sheet) or the whole NPC entry is mostly for reference and dice should be rolled manually?

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