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    Cyberpunk 2020 MoreCore Extension

    Set up a simple Cyberpunk 2020 extension with changes to the charactersheet, npcs, and items.

    The MoreCore tab was arranged to allow the main stats to be added and the skillframe with pre-populated skills. To allow linking of skills, just create a skill with the same name as those that populate and it will open the link to the skill. The derived stats auto-populate once you have added the stat for it's parent stat. The Init button rolls initiative based and adds the bonus from reflexes. The Humanity Loss button (H.Loss) does not auto calculate the cyberware (yet). Cyberdeck and Cyberware open minisheets to help organize those items. Adding Cyberware or programs to inventory does not auto-populate and is something I had trouble working my head around. Will be looking to add that functionality once I have cracked it. The Cyberdeck has an init roll as well by double clicking on the Deck Speed box.

    The Main tab is the combat tab. Top frame holds the armor locations and Body derived stats. The injury tracker is linked to the Wounds box in the Combat Tracker and will update based on the number there or accepts tracking by the player as well. Haven't added ability to add the Stun modifier and will need to be tracked as if at the table. The Weapons and Implements frame accepts weapon drops and like the Cyberdeck and Cyberware, will not add to the inventory. It has two modes, Melee and Ranged. Melee will populate the Martial Art options and are clickable to add the modifiers to the Modifier box for rolls. Ranged will pre-populate Range Max Ammo and Weapon Accuracy. ATK will need to be added by hand and will not automatically add the Weapon Accuracy to the roll. I tend to type the skill and collect the number from the skill frame and then add the Weapon's Accuracy. The current ammo can be double clicked and will subtract one from the item.

    The Notes tab has been done to allow tracking of the Lifepath results. I find this is the best thing about old games. The tab is pretty straight forward, but under Siblings I've added an area to track siblings if the player wishes.

    This is going to be something I will tinker with as with my Ars Magica 5e extension as I learn more and more. Give a try and let me know if you spot any bugs or suggestions.

    Seeing increased questions about the extension, I wanted to create a thread for my extensions. Did not want to clutter up the MoreCore Extensions thread pinned above.

    Leave your questions or suggestions here.

    Will add additional versions to this post.

    Thanks again for your interest.

    *10-20-18 - Updated weaponlist with attack button that will roll proper skill from item. Will need to add skill onto item for it to pick up the skill total. Also when clicking the attack button it will remove a bullet from current ammo, but left option to change manually or double click current ammo.

    *3-28-19 - Fixed some bugs related to Body calculations for secondary attributes.

    *4-12-19 - Added General IP box to MoreCore tab

    *5-4-19 - Added extra Armor SDP to More tab to track Structural Damage Points

    *6-20-19 - Changed item type filed to a combo box to make it easier to find the item types

    *6-25-19 - Added Affectations and Childhood Environment to the Notes Tab

    *7-4-19 - Organized the skill list into two columns for easier visual look of the skill list and a scrollbar. The side effect of this is the removal if the specific IP box for skills and hiding the stat for the skill. It will still add in the stat, just won't be visual on the line.

    *7-5-19 - Did some overhauling of the Character Sheet, NPC Sheet, and Items. (All data in these locations may need to be backed up prior to using this version. It may break preexisting data)
    - Character Sheet has been done in the style of the paper sheet.
    - NPC Sheet needed some finalization on locking the fields and linking skills to their attribute.
    - Finalized Types and SubTypes that are used in the rulebook. Will populate proper fields for each type.
    - Thanks to Talyn updated the Character sheet rule logo and sidebar fonts

    *9-5-19 - Added drop Inventory feature to calculate Armor for locations and add weapons automatically.
    - Updated Attack and Damage roll managers to add more data from the weapon and to roll random location as well. Weaponlist received a new damage button to roll the damage from the weapon.
    - Added Initiative button to the character sheet near the Mortal Damage 6 label

    *1-16-20 - Added functionality for custom skills.
    - Weapons no longer auto-populate the skill area of the item. May choose any relevant skill

    *1-16-20 - Fixed bugs from previous additions

    *1-17-20 - Further elaborated Custom Skill use and Melee combat

    When using custom skills, the total box will not indicate the addition of the stat along with Ranks and Misc. It should calculate the roll correctly, just not currently reflected in the skill total in the skill list.

    Tell me what you think and suggestions are always welcome.
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    Is this extension still being worked on and or updated. Ive spoken with the community director of R.Talsorian about their interest for a full fledged ruleset and licensed materials being sold here and they are all for integrating with FG. However we need to find someone who could make the ruleset. This is the closest we have at the moment

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    Yes, it is still being worked on. It is however not a full ruleset.

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    Ohh Im quite aware, just mentioning R.Talsorian has shown interest in getting involved with FG, we just need someone who can and will make the ruleset. However right now this extension is incredible and much appreciated. Im happy to hear its still being worked on

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    Updated first post with updated version. Fixed Body calculations for secondary attributes

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    Updated first post with new version. Added General IP box to MoreCore tab

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    If you play Cyberpunk 2020 or 2013 or any combination there of this is so worth it. Its a well done extension and Superteddy has been nothing but over the top helpful with any questions Ive had and even is willing to listen to feedback about possible changes and improvements. A top notch fellow he is and a top notch extension if you play Interlock. Thanks Superteddy!

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    Keeping an eye on this. Will be giving it a run with friends soon! It's a little hard to tell what isn't working for this extension so far... any chance to include whats in the pipes for the future at the top?

    Thanks in advance

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    Linking Inventory to Weaponlists, Global Armor tracking, CT and other combat automation are on the list for future improvements. Still trying to learn how CT and combat automation will work. The rest of the extension is tabletop ready. Meaning this is not 5e level in automation, but is able to to run a session and campaign.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tvpirrip View Post
    Keeping an eye on this. Will be giving it a run with friends soon! It's a little hard to tell what isn't working for this extension so far... any chance to include whats in the pipes for the future at the top?

    Thanks in advance
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