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    Pathfinder Character Creation??

    Top 7 best cooking apps for Android

    Love cooking but do not have much time to attend courses? Or simply want to prepare a nutritious meal for the family? Then try the best free cooking apps today to become a great chef.

    Kitchen Stories

    Currently, Kitchen Stories is considered one of the clearest and easiest to use cooking apps on the market. With this app, you can find delicious recipes illustrated with eye-catching photos, detailed step-by-step instructions, pictures, as well as tutorial cooking videos - all for free. This is also a home cooking program with top culinary experts and many new recipes that you have never seen in any app.

    In addition, Kitchen Stories also includes features such as automatically adding ingredients to the shopping list, stored in reminders for users to prepare for the market and cook dinner; collecting and saving favorite recipes; using the unit converter; saving comments in the Kitchen Stories cookbook for each recipe; or joining the Kitchen Stories Family community and making friends with global food lovers.

    Interface languages ​​of the app are varied, including English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Chinese.

    You can get more Android apps at the link Game collection and hot apps for android.

    Simply Vegetarian

    You are a vegetarian or love eating vegetarian food but cannot cook any dishes, well, that’s a common problem. To prepare an excellent vegetarian dish is not as easy as boiling a vegetable pot, but now it will not be too difficult anymore. With the Simply Vegetarian app for Android, you will not have to worry about struggling to cook nutritious vegetarian dishes for your family.

    The app provides you with delicious dishes that are not only beautiful but also tasty. The app enables you to watch videos and follow what they instruct you to do to complete your dishes.


    As one of the world's premier culinary favorites, Tastemade offers an exciting experience for those who love cooking. This app converges thousands of recipes with animated photos and tutorial videos to make it easy to catch up on how to cook recipes as quickly as possible.

    With Tastemade, forget about your cooking book and try to cook with inspiration from the most delectable desserts that you've ever dreamed of being able to create.Prepare impressive appetizers and intriguing recipes that are easy to make. From the likable lunch recipes to the drinks and after-meal ****tails, the Tastemakers have made extremely detailed video recipes. Look them up and then save your favorites for later use.

    To know more about Android apps, you should go to the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ua3JWM-rHls.


    Cookpad is a search and share recipe app built around a community of cooking enthusiasts. Up to now, Cookpad features more than 13,000 delicious recipes, including are sweet, savoury, cheap, and convenient meals with the number of recipes increasing every day. With this app, users can post recipes with illustrations and save their favorites. The interesting point is that each recipe posted on the Cookbook app has a unique story behind it. It can be the top trick of a professional chef, a well-kept secret handed down to the next generation, a simple dish that is successfully crafted after countless defeats, or simply the result of an accidental discovery. And no matter what you are looking for, Cookpad is working hard to bring you what you need.

    Cookpad also includes a feature that allows users to share recipes on social networking sites.


    Cooky - A delicious and easy-to-use cooking app that is perfect for your daily cooking and housework needs, makes it easy to find the perfect recipes and most helpful kitchen tips. With more than 17,000 recipes plus detailed steps with specific illustrations, Cooky allows you to cook deliciously every day and always has the things you need. It’s a trusted companion that can help you in time.

    Cooky has a very user-friendly and easy-to-use interface with built-in features such as Collections, Favorites, and the Shopping List to give users the ultimate experience. In particular, the Shopping List is considered to be the most prominent and convenient feature of Cooky, because it allows users to mark ingredients that they need to buy, have bought or that are available at the market. You can add recipes in the waiting list and then see their ingredients when you’re in the supermarket. Also, this feature helps determine how many ingredients to buy for each serving. If you want to experience the great things that this app brings, then download and try it, and see that its features not only make you feel happy but also make your like easier.

    Besides, Cooky is a community for cooking enthusiasts to freely post their recipes and share them through Facebook or Google+.


    Do you know what to cook for today? I bet there’s a lot of delicious food that you want to make but do not know how to make it. You do not need to worry. There is a SideChef cooking app, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. With this app, you just need to select a dish or a recipe you like then SideChef will give you voice guidance on the cooking process. You do not have to look at the phone and see how to do each step to cook the dish. Your job is to listen and follow what the app instructs. We believe that you will succeed in making the food that you selected under the direction of the SideChef app.


    Yummly is a great cooking app that will allow you to experience delicious food all over the world with your favorite recipes. This app provides you with images and instructions using the formula, not the audio instructions. That may be regrettable, but it allows you to transform from standard methods to your own methods. If you are a creator of cooking, download Yummly right now to experience the difference.

    Download these exciting cooking apps and demonstrate your cooking skill to welcome your loved ones!

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    Not 100% certain but if I were to guess it would be screenshot space management.

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    Welcome to the forums Clinton.

    Yep, it’s all about screen space. The UI design has to cater to all sorts of screen resolutions without completely taking up the whole screen for low resolution users. Going with multiple tab is one way of trying to present information in a specific sized window on screen. Even with tabs, you’ll find that some of those screens will soon fill up as your character adventures and levels up. There’s no way to display all of this data in one window - even at high screen resolutions (unless you make the text tiny and then you’d still probably need tabs). It’s a design decision - some people prefer using tabs this way, some people will prefer it all in one tab and having to scroll up and down.

    But, if there are some things you use regularly that annoy you having to switch tabs, then use the hot key functionality. This is one of the main ways to give you some control over frequently used FG action. Information here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/wiki/index.php/Hot_Keys
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    Hey ClintonJMolina112

    Many users of FG still use a screen resolution like 1366x768
    An A4 sheet really doesnt fit on a screen that size and if you did there would not really be any space left for the Chat window or Combat Tracker.
    Everyones screens are different sizes and this is the approach that FG took to work within screen constraints and all the data that they wanted to share.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClintonJMolina112 View Post
    why does Fantasy Grounds use multiple tabs to represent at most a 3 page character sheet? The same thing for 5e. It makes coming from the pencil and paper version a little challenging to find things, having to jump between tabs for rolling initiative, another tab for attacks, another tab for skills, etc.
    I've asked this question on one of their YouTube videos as well. It's probably the most complicated part of the UI, having to jump between tabs and remember where things are.

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    To be honest.. you get used to that piece pretty quickly.
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