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    I wished I had more screenshots
    The past is a rudder to guide us, not an anchor to hold us back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by viresanimi View Post
    Seems like they are working on creating a purchaseable version of the 5th edtion book. Which is cool. But getting such things through can take a long time, and I wish the base ruleset would be released right now. MoreCore is servicable, but I suspect the actual ruleset would be a lot better. I would still buy the 5th edition module if the ruleset and module was seperate. I mean. D&D does that.

    Pretty please?
    A lot of things will impact the decision to do this - publisher agreements, developer agreements, etc.. D&D 5E was released, with no material, way before their was an official agreement and was created by SmiteWorks developers. 2E was built heavily on this - hence one of the reasons to release it for "free". For Vampire, the ruleset will pretty much have to be written from the ground up (although based on CoreRPG, there will still need to be a lot of RPG mechanics coded and created) and so a lot of development time will be needed. I'm assuming this is being done by community developers, and as such they rely on commission for their remuneration - which would be nothing (or very, very little) if the ruleset was released for free (assuming this is what you mean, when you say "D&D does that"). They'd then have to rely on people paying for the library modules, which would sell but probably not as well if the ruleset was included. I know that you're never going to get rich doing FG development, but then not getting much back by releasing the ruleset for free isn't going to attract many good developers. This is the model for most commercial rulesets on FG - Savage Worlds, Call of Cthulhu, DCC, C&C, RoleMaster, etc..

    Have patience, wait for it to be released properly...

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    It would be easier to be patient, if the guy working on it hadn't said that "it was rather close to completion" about 8 months ago, on stream. *grins*

    But of course I want to be be done right.

    Vires Animi

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    Quote Originally Posted by viresanimi View Post
    It would be easier to be patient, if the guy working on it hadn't said that "it was rather close to completion" about 8 months ago, on stream. *grins*
    I might be misremembering this, but is this not the ruleset that got a lot of work from a graphic artist who admitted that the ruleset was beyond his capabilities, and smiteworks put him in touch with a coder?

    Which bit was close to completion?

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