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    Weapon Mode doens't work on CoC6E

    I was adjusting some old translation extensions that I had started to do with CoreRPG and Cthulhu 6E's Call, so I decided to test to see where I should adjust in the "graphic" part the translations worked perfectly the graphic adjustments too, however I came across the following Problem, when I create a weapon it does not let me choose if the weapon is ranged or melee and this error happens without the extensions, however in Call of Cthulhu 7E it allows me to select if the item is melee, ranged or shield would change for defense)

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    Another thing I noticed is that when I drag an NPC into the combat tracker it takes on dexterity as an initiative, but that does not happen when I drag the PC to the combat tracker.

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    In my opinion yes, otherwise not exist two possibilities and for example I load a rifle hope he go to the part of ranged combat and not on the melee.

    In Combat Tracker when I click the target, combat, space and effect buttons as screens overlap, this in Cthulhu 6E.

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    The ruleset supports both types. The problem here is that you can't actually change the weapon type once created, nor there is a button to create ranged weapons. Melee and Ranged weapons are fully supported, it's just that you can't create Ranged weapons (unless editing a Module).

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    Work around - create a ranged weapon in the "RANGED" section of the main tab of a PC then drag/drop into the weapon campaign data list. Once you have one ranged weapon in the campaign data list you can drag/drop to create copies and edit as needed.
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    I understand, this I had seen, but I still appreciate the help provided by Dr0W and Trenloe, but the idea was to do in the weapons part, that submenu of the items, but this way works and the Combat Tracker fields overlap this is normal ?

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    I'm not a programmer, I'm just an enthusiast, I do not even know if the term I'm going to use is correct, but I believe that the problem in Call of Cthulhu 6E's Combat Tracker is in anchoring, because the error happens with and without the loaded extensions.
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    Hi, in the Ruleset call of Cthulhu 6E when I click in targeting, combat, space, effect icon of the CT, the info of these fields overlap, but making tests I "discover" the error but I don't had knowledge to correct, the error is in something in CT_Host.XML of the Ruleset...thanks

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