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    I started using PureVPN with the dedicated IP add-on (and only this add-on) today and it works without a problem, even for someone with mediocre internet technology knowledge. Was not hard to set up as well, nearly everything was pre-set up as needed.
    Had a nice 5-hour D&D session without connection interruptions.

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    What I like about it (aside from just working for FG), is that when you travel and use hotel wifi, you really should be using a VPN for privacy anyways. It also is pretty good at Geo shifting as well. Want to appear to be British to use the BBC Player? Change server and there you are.

    I lived in China for about 5 years. When they have their big semi annual meeting, pretty much all VPNs are locked out. Other than those 2 weeks every year, I have had pretty good success with PureVPN.

    Because I have used it for years, I feel confident enough to link it in my signature.
    Ultimate License. Running a 5e campaign blending together PoTA and SKT. Asks lots of questions. PureVPN is a tested solution to run games when traveling.

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