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    Character sheet has no entry for # or resonance

    How are people tracking resonance used? Am I missing it somehow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elihu View Post
    How are people tracking resonance used? Am I missing it somehow?
    Track it in notes or something similar (setup a power with "uses), or use Gwydion's extension.

    There is nothing implemented yet as it is changing/evolving within the PlayTest ans so I'm not going to do much/any work on this until the magic item rules are more stable. See the "Under Development" section here for an idea of what is still to be implemented: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...l=1#post403073
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    I use powers and name it Resonance and Magic Item Investments so that I can track what items the players have invested as well as the "resonance points" that can be used through the Spell Points. Like Trenloe said notes can be used and I use that for knowing the total resonance a player has.

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