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    Game start (#1-05 The First Mandate) in about 8 hours. I'll try to have the server up in around 7.

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    Chronicle drafts have been sent out.

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    By the way, while still in a draft phase, you may want to fill out SFS Timezone demand (aka when would players be available?) and (less important) SFS Scenario demand (aka which scenarios have you already played?) so I have a better picture when people would be available.

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    I'm currently thinking of running #1-10: The Half-Alive Streets (thematically appropriate) at SUN (28th) 1.30 PM GMT (Attention Europe: End of DST). Just be aware that my schedule will be rather tight that day, so should things go horribly wrong, I would have to somehow readjust on the fly (e.g. delaying or if worst comes to worst canceling the game).

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    I'm all up for it, have plans Saturday afternoon, so let's do this on Sunday!

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