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    I now updated it a bit; I realised that one can also automise the caster level increase of spell classes by adding the feature "spells" to classes (and this also seemingly calculates the spells per day (with their attribute bonus) for the standard known classes) and by adding "spells per day/spells known" (like in prestige classes) one can automate the spell level increase of an existing spell class (with a window asking for the spell class when one has several) You probably know that but I only found that by concidence and so I added that (but only some classes at the moment; I still have to transform all data of Roll20 to FG but I didn't had much time )

    I also added a module with some items with informations about their hardness and hitpoints (at the very bottom of the descriptive text); I add that to any used item in my game (but not done yet) and so by time this module will be bigger at some point. I am not done with all items yet (just in case someone wants to use it )

    I also found some little text mistake: In the racial trait "fearless" of halflings there stands "resistance bonus to fear" but it should be "morale bonus" In the main text of halflings this is correct; as I said, only a very little mistake

    Have a nice day
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    While I now automise the Bard I realized that the automatic Spell completion (of the Bard at least; I mean the number of spells per day) comes from Pathfinder rules which are slightly different than in 3.5 So one has to be careful then when one wants to use my module or one owns automation with respect to this

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    Now I've added the bard and the fighter. I also realized that the errata are not in the build-in ruleset, especially the big changes in wild shape and all other shapeshift features/spells due to the errata So I changed also the wild shape and "a thousand faces" feature of the druid; when I find time I will also change the texts of the spells But I also saw that in 3.3.7 the classes will be automated (thanks! ), so I will not have to finish the standard classes given in the 3.5e ruleset of FG

    Have a nice day

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    I grabbed all the data from, which should mirror the d20 SRD. When you are referring to "errata", where are you getting the errata information from?


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    Thanks for your answer

    I got the errata from here:
    Indeed, takes these errata into account, but I observed e.g.: The text about wild shape of the Druid on the Main page states that it works like "Polymorph" while on d20srd stands "Alternate form" (like in the errata), similar things with the other things mentioned, but I didn't check any point yet But since I was just checking 3.3.7 I realized that in the features of the Druid (I mean the "Others" tab) it is correctly stated while the main tab still has the wrong formulation Since 3.3.6 doesn't have the features of 3.5e automated I could only evaluate the main tab etc. So the old formulation of the wild shape etc. only happens in the text information of the main tab.

    Thanks again and for your effort

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    Ah, I didn't update the Main tab, only the Feature text.

    I'll probably update to work like the Pathfinder SRD data, where the feature text is not duplicated in the Main text.


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    Hehe, okay Sorry for the work and thanks for the 3.5e updates, I really appreciate that

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    oh, and for completeness: E.g. the spell "Baleful Polymorph" also has the old formulation (or it is at least differently formulated)

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    just saw now that you also added the errata like for Baleful Polymorph in v3.3.7, Moon Wizard Thank you very much for that

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    I've found some very little mistake in v3.3.7: The new automated Druid of 3.3.7 does not have automatically "Wild shape (huge)" on lvl 15 and also "wild shape (6/day)" is missing on lvl 18 Thus, I will not yet remove my uploaded automated classes, just in case someone wants to use my corrected version (or one shortly copies the Druid and adds these)

    Thanks again for the work and for adding the errata, I am really happy that I do not have to automate the other base classes

    Have all a nice week



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