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    1 or 2 spots open in Curse of Strahd, Thursday nights 7-10 - need melee

    My ongoing Curse of Strahd campaign has lost 2 long term players due to their US military obligations.

    Update - I have to work three thursdays in a row, the campaign will officially resume on November 8th, I will run makeup sessions as people are available and also run some one shot dungeons during the weeks we are down, depending on what nights work for everyone.

    We play almost every Thursday night 7-10 pm central time.
    We are roughly 50% through the module, and have been playing for roughly 1 year so far. The party has done a lot of side quests, and is currently level 6.
    I need 1 or 2 front line MELEE characters. We already have a human paladin, i would prefer to not have a duplicate class.
    We use discord for voice chat, the gameplay is roughly 50/50 roleplay to combat.

    There is a heavy emphasis on religion and dark subject matter in my campaign.
    Count Strahd von Zarovich sold his soul to evil dark Gods for his power, and we touch on that idea at times.
    I am at all times trying to keep a respect for the dark overtones of the game, including the bleak setting.

    If you are Offended by violence against women and children, or the elderly my campaign is not for you.
    My vampires savagely attack and dismember women, children, and non combat npcs.

    Character creation is limited to the players handbook for races and class - which needs to be a melee focused class. i lost a monk and a barb, i need some type of frontline non squishy character to help my mages. Also character creation will use the standard point array of arranged to taste.

    If you are interested please let me know in the replies below or private message me.

    One more note, Curse of Strahd can be a VERY dark adventure. I have added several things to it that intensify the adult themes present that might not make it suitable for more sensitive or younger players, such as dark religious theology, and violence against children. I am promoting a sense of fear and horror whenever possible.

    I look forward to any potential interest in my dark land of Barovia.
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    I like characters that smash first and ask questions later. Can play Thursday nights.

    Have standard license, core books, and some moderate FG dm experience. Have microphone and and used discord before.

    How about a dwarf fighter?

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    I'm curious what is the rest of your group?

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    Goddamn, an even darker CoS? That sounds absolutely awesome! Too bad you guys are in the US. Good luck!

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    I'm fairly new to fantasy grounds, mostly played on roll20, but would like to try my hand at a monk. Currently on demo edition but could upgrade to play at anytime.

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    human paladin/warlock.
    elf druid
    half elf ranger x2
    halfling bard.

    lost a human monk, and a dwarf barb. of which I need replacement melee classes for

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    I'm defiantly interested if you're still looking.

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    im new to D&D and FG but am willing to make any class you need! sounds like a great campaign

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    Hi there folks, one spot has been filled. Im going to open two more spots up, just to make sure i have a full party when we fire the campaign back up.

    **** A note to all applicants though, I am a working DM, and daddy. My play group has adjusted to accept that sometimes i get called in to work additional night shifts on thursday nights.

    **** That is the case here, as of this morning, I Have been told I have to work a few thursday nights in a row, but after that is over the campaign will pick back up like normal on Thursday, November 8th

    please post character ideas here in the forum chat, or private message me.
    I also do make up sessions on other nights of the week if we can get people together, and also perform one shot campaigns on off nights if we have the people.
    I look forward to welcoming another 2 souls for Count Strahd to play with.

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