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    This is quite a bit of interest. I have LMoP as well. Looks like I have 6 interested people. Are you interested in running through LMoP with AL rules or prefer to run through the DDAL04-01-14 (Curse of Strahd) modules? I'm in a session this weekend for FG-Con and I've volunteered on 10/28 for onCCCon fund raiser for Extra Life.

    I'll get PM's out to people. We can likely do a session 10/21, then again 11/4.

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    I'd be down for either, but if we did a HC I'd like to start a new character for it and craft our party as a group, as I havent had the opportunity to do that before and that sounds like a really fun way to play through a HC

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    We've got 3 people interested in LMoP so I will be doing that.
    We'll use Discord, the server we'll use is here:

    If you need help creating a DDAL character let me know. I have most of the books, so you can use my FG Server to build your character sheet.

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    How does one get to your FG server?

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    Join the discord, I'll put the information there.

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