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    Add skills to Skill Challenge Tracker?

    What are the expected formats for the Skill Challenge <<Skill or Detail>> and <<Detail Text>> fields to allow me to use the "Add skills to Skill Challenge Tracker" button? For example, I've tried "Athletics (DC 11)" and "Athletics: DC 11" in the <<Skill or Detail>> field but neither will allow me to import the skills into the Tracker.

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    The "Skill or Detail" field should contain the name of the skill as it appears in the skill challenge tracker; and the number is actually a separate field on the same line on the right side. Unfortunately, it looks like it doesn't have a frame to denote it is there. You can either click on the right side of that line to select the number field; or use the Tab key while on the Skill name field. I'll add a note to our list of potential fixes for the next version.


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    That was it! I hadn't noticed the unframed field. It works now. Thanks!

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