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    Updates Two Nights in A Row

    Yesterday 10/2 I was prompted to do an update.
    I did.
    Tonight, I was prompted to do another update.

    Both nights I checked the "Latest Release Notes" at the link in the welcome page: http://www.fantasygrounds.com/fileli...atchnotes.html

    No recent update is listed. I checked the Release 3.3.6 thread and nothing has been posted since 8/14.

    I see an update notice for 10/2, but I'm not running any of the products listed and that wouldn't explain why I'm getting the message again tonight.

    Am I missing something? Is the update notice broken?


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    Even if you don't have any of the products updated, the updater will (I think) still prompt you to run the updater. Since all it does it check if their is a newer update available, not if any of your actual products need updating.

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    It will have been some DLC.
    CoC for example has had patches a couple of days running.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobboNJ69 View Post
    I see an update notice for 10/2, but I'm not running any of the products listed...
    Everyone with a license gets the Pathfinder Playtest ruleset (PFRPG2), core data and Bestiary. It usually gets weekly release updates. There was also a hotfix for this pushed yesterday.

    If you want to know what is getting updated, pay close attention to the update window - it will tell you what products are being checked and you’ll see the ones that update. You can also look at the update.log file in the FG app data directory immediately after updating.
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    Just realized my reply from back in October never posted... My internet was cutting in and out. Anyway, thanks for the responses. I appreciate you guys always being there to help.

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