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    My point ( which was only meant in humor, and several caught as a reference to Firefly ) is that it is not about what we want. It is about what is best for the people developing Fantasy Grounds Unity to give it the best chance of sucuess. If they give any indication of when they hope to release, their toes will be held to the fire on that. They are better off not saying anything about release timing until that timing is cast in stone. That will not happen until it is actually ready to release. From what I have seen FG Unity will be a fantastic and much desired upgrade to Fantasy Grounds that I will be more than willing to pay for. But I dont want some half baked bug filled monstrosity, I hope they take their time, and get it right. It is too important of an update to release before it is ready.
    On the other hand, I think they shouldn't let themselves fall into the trap that Star Citizen has gotten themselves into, where they are contently trying to improve on something to an extent where they just never release it. At this point it's been pushing on five years of development. I'm sure they are working hard on it, but if they can't release a virtual tabletop experience in over five years without it being a "bug filled monstrosity" then that is a problem in and of itself. I don't want a situation where they keep thinking they need to take their time and just never release it.

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    Star Citizen is a completely different scenario than Fantasy Grounds. Also a hundred million dollar venture. Not comparible situations at all. Doug and the rest of Smiteworks team have been giving updates but not making promises, and rightly so. It's ready when it's ready sounds right to me. CD Project Red do the same and look at Witcher, Blizzard also do the same and look at their catalogue.

    Mostly this thread is nonsense banter anyway. 2 cents....
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    To be sure. Apples to Oranges... Star Citizen has a team of about 400 people working on it. Smiteworks is... what? 8 people?
    We're all excited to see what FGU brings, but FGC is a complete, stable product, with hundreds of addon products, and is ready... now.

    I'm also excited to see what Windows 15 brings (not really) but I'm not nagging Microsoft to release it RITENAO!

    Anywho, I know Doug, Moon, and all the Mighty Smities are moving as fast as they can, and I (for one) am very very happy that their bar is quality and not speed. Sure, we get impatient and most of us are not rude about it (not saying anyone here has been rude, but it has happened). Even if Smiteworks never finishes FGU, I have got my money's worth from FGC and continue to do so every week.

    Doug, we trust you guys or we wouldn't be here. Take as long as you need to get it right. Most of us will still be here when you're done.
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    I am sure FG would LOVE to be in the position of Star Citicezn, as the most successful crowdfunding of all time... not just games, but ALL crowdfunding. And Star Citizen makes my point... they have proven that it is better to not predict release timing at all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xemit View Post
    Lost Mine was designed for new players and new DMs alike. It is a great choice for 5E starters. Most of the content is all ready to go. Maybe a supplemental map such as the original ambush encounter would be nice but it is easy enough to make your own, or just sketch out on the party sheet. Pregenerated PCs makes for a fast start up, but you can easily roll your own to replace them.

    I just drew up my own map for the ambush encounter. Prep work is basically setting the start point masking on any maps. Also a good idea for the DM to read through all the content at least once so they are aware of how everything hooks together. And this isn't a very large campaign, so not a lot to read (~64 pages, a big campaign can easily be 300 pages and only partially define all content needed to play).
    yes... after doing LMoP as my first Fantasy Grounds game as a DM... I was ready to strike out on my own with a homebrew campaign... it has been fantastic

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    where is the downvote button?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJL View Post
    where is the downvote button?
    We've already had 16 pages of essentially down voting. What's a button going to do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Octavious View Post
    I am fine with FG at present and would rather wait until Unity is finished. .
    This is correct

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    Well, it is now in official Alpha stage and has about 100 people using it. It's getting there.

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    Looking forward to the beta phase to get to know FGU in depth

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