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    My Suggestions for the Game

    in order for the game to have mass-appeal and really be a success, I would do the following

    Critical needs:
    1. Sound effects: rolling dice, roaring monsters, creeking doors, etc.
    2. A lower price tag: I'm having a hard time convicing people to pay $20-30 for a virtual table-top. They would rather go buy Neverwinter Nights.
    3. Stability: there are a number of bugs that still need to be worked out.
    4. More default tokens & portraits.

    Optional enhancements
    1. Voice conferencing.
    2. A 1st or 2nd edition D&D ruleset included with the purchase. There are many hard-core gamers out there who dislike d20 because of its "video-game" like qualities.
    3. The ability for one player to play more than 1 character.

    Unless the critical needs are met, I don't see the game or the site surviving, which is a shame, because I think it is a pretty good product.

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    Seems to me that is already a big hit!
    The price IMO is great.
    It is easy to import your own tokens and portraits.
    You can have voice conferencing by using a seperate program such as Team Speak or Ventrillo.
    You can create your own rulesets or find someone that has already done so and is willing to share.

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    It's just my opinion, but only number 3 could ever be considered a "critical" thing, and even then only if the program was so buggy to be unusable. Which isn't the case.

    Teamspeak is soooo easy to use, and if you're worried about crashing - having the voice communication tied into the program would only make them harder to resolve. Thanks, but I'd rather keep it completely seperate. That's not to say it wouldn't be nice to be able to send some sound effects, but that's bells and whistles, not critical.

    The price thing has probably been talked to death on the boards, but to be able to play online with friends you wouldn't otherwise be able to - well, to me that's worth much more than 20-30 bucks (the price of a new dvd or 4 trips to mcdonalds or a flat of beer...)

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    the price thing wasn't an issue for me -I figure I'll get plenty of cheap fun out of the game. I just found that gamers tend to be cheap, and many of them are young.

    An AD&D/Classic D&D rulset would appeal to an older crowd -the original gamers who have money (like me). Sure, you can get a ruleset from another player (I did), but how much trouble do people want to go through? Most people don't program XML, etc. and can't make rulesets -nor do they want to potentially ruin the program.

    A question about Teamspeak: is one user a "server", and do the other users connect to him? If this is the case, I then get worried about bandwidth. If I have 4 players connected to my machine for FG, how much is it going to slow down the game to have them also connected to me via VoIP?

    We are using Yahoo chat with voice right now, and it works o.k., but sometimes it is flakey -it's still beta.

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    We used team speak for about a year with no major issues. We've just switched to Skype because it works better (for us).

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    My group uses Teamspeak. The same person who hosts the FG server also Hosts the Teamspeak and we have had no bandwidth problems. It really is one of the easiest to use VoiP programs.

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    Ok... lets see if I can spend more time on this:

    1. Sound. This issue has come up a bunch of times and people seem pretty well divided on it. For me, I'm in the 'don't need it' group. I don't play sounds in my face to face games and have never been to a game where the DM did. I'd probably use it a little bit if it was there but I don't miss that it is not.

    2. I think this is priced ok. Its cheaper then a computer game and I've gotten more use (hours played) out of it then I have for 99% of my games. Plus, FG has allowed us to play again with a friend that moved out of time. That, as they say, is priceless.

    3. We have about 0 stability issues. I have had a few client disconnects when I drop a token on a map (still, this one has been around for a long time) but when the client reconnects things are well.

    4. I find a bunch of portrats for my players and they pick one. I make a token from the portrat and most my monster portraits from the WoTC monster web page. I also just bought one of the Fiery Dragon's counter collections and am looking forward to using the tokens from it.

    1. Covered already.

    2. This has already been created by a user. Why should the devs go back and recreate it? User created content is one of the best things going with games like this and should only get better when 2.0 comes out with scripting. Maybe if the creater of the ruleset gave SmiteWorks permision to bundle it with their default install...?

    3. Ahhh... this one I 100% agree on. I THINK this will happen in 2.0. I know it was something the devs said they were working on.

    Good gaming!!


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    o.k. I set up a Teamspeak server, modified my firewall, and had a friend connect. I see him in the client, but I have no idea how to talk to him.

    I set up my audio device, so I know that isn't it.

    anyone want to help me. I've searched through the manuals and they didn't help.

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    oops! nevermind, I have it figured out now.

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    You have probably found the Voice activation and Push to talk then, I would recommend using the Voice activation.
    One thing my group runs into is that sometimes we hear an echoe from someone. It is usually someone with their mic too close to their speakers, but a few times it's been because of somethin different. That is about the only thing I can think of that you could run into.

    Hope it works out well for your group!

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