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    Thanks for giving a chance to us level 1's!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephan_ View Post
    Even with 1-2 level 3 characters the subtier will most likely still be 1-2 (as the other players only have level 1s).

    Three possibilities:

    1. Play out of subtier. (Be aware that first the encounters will be easier and second that it does stifle character development somewhat if you play a few games out of subtier - less total credits at higher levels).

    2. Make a new character. (Obviously you wouldn't be able to play your previous character for this session or apply any boons to that character).

    3. We'll make a Tier 3-4 game, e.g. #1.06. (Players who don't have level 3 characters yet would however have to play pregens in that case.)

    I have no preferences between 1 and 2 but would prefer to avoid 3 so people are not forced to play pregens (unless they explicitly state that they don't mind).
    No problem! I'll try to keep my eyes open for future higher level games.

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