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    Accepting Players Sunday Night C&C Campaign (Forgotten Realms)

    I am now recruiting for an ongoing Sandboxish C&C game set in Faerun (Forgotten Realms). Looking for 1-2 more players.
    Currently there are four players in the campaign, 3 of which have played with me for over a year.
    If this game doesn't work for you, stay tuned I’ll be doing periodic "one shots" soon as well. Those will be whenever I have time, usually during the week and anywhere from 3-7 days’ notice.

    Experience with Fantasy Grounds, C&C, or any role playing experience for that matter is not required. All players are welcome.

    What you will need
    You will need to download the Free "Demo" Version of Fantasy grounds as a minimum. I have an ultimate license so there is no requirement to pay anything, simply download, show up, and play.
    You also will not need any books as all rules are available through FG upon joining the game. Though I do recommend getting them as they are easy to read and look great
    We communicate via Discord so you will also need to download the Discord App. I post game info throughout the week for players via the several text channels. Some players also enjoy a bit of role play there during "downtime".

    Weekly Campaign Logs: http://knightsofthecrusade.com/node/492

    Game Time
    Games are held every Sunday at 6pm-10pm PDT.
    Need to be a little late or leave a little early? Not a problem I realize everyone has lives and as long as this is communicated with me I have no problem with players that need to move the time around a little.
    I also have no problem with players that need to miss sessions here and there or if they need to take a break, again just communicate with me prior to and there is no problem.

    The Game
    Character creation: Characters will start at level 1, character creation is done with me prior to play.
    Setting: Forgotten Realms (Currently Cormyr)
    Campaign Style: Semi-Sandbox (There are several factions working towards their own goals, players choices determine who will succeed, nothing is forced).
    Magic: Low; Potions and scrolls are fairly common but not enchanted weapons, armor, or gear.
    Game Style: Roleplay 70%/Combat 30%
    Visual Aids: I use a combination of both Maps with Tokens and Theater of the Mind.
    House Rules: Critical Hits, Fumbles, Equipment Damage, Adjustments to 0 Level spells, Arcane Spell Schools Added, Divine Spell Spheres Added, Additional Classes, Additional Races, Initiative is rolled automatically, Weapon Proficiencies
    Optional Rules Used: Secondary Skills, Advantages (Distributed by the CK at Benchmarks)

    House Rules Expanded
    (All house Rules are available in Fantasy Grounds.)
    Critical Hits: A critical hit only happens on a "natural 20" and if the AC is beat by at least 4 when this happens damage is doubled and armor if any on the target is damaged.
    Fumbles: A fumble occurs when rolling a "natural 1" and if the AC is missed by at least 4, when this happens the weapon used is damaged. Magic Weapons get a save.
    Equipment Damage: When equipment is damaged beyond its damage or armor class rating it is destroyed or broken. I.E a longsword +1 would have a damage rating of 9. Damage is cumulative and repair costs will increase based on item craftsmanship and damage sustained.
    Zero Level spells: 0 level spells have been “nurfed” to reduce the abuse of spells like Detect Magic and Light. Detect Magic is replaced by Magic Sense, Light is replaced by Illumination, and a few others have been replaced as well. The spells still exist they have been moved to level 1 spell slots. Some specialty classes will have access to spells at a lower level to make up for the lack of choices in their chosen school. Example: Diviners will get Detect Magic as a Level 0 spell.
    Arcane Spell Schools: I have added schools to the spells and added a large number of spells so specialty mages can now be used.
    Divine Spell Spheres: I have added spheres to all of the divine spells, clerics will be restricted to spells based on their deity, and specialty priests are also available.
    Additional Classes: A variety of classes and kits have been added to compliment the world of Faerun’s many factions and give players plenty of options to choose from.
    Additional Races: Sub Races have been included to better reflect the races of Faerun.
    Initiative: The combat tracker in FG rolls and sorts initiative automatically. Players receive an audible ding when it is there turn, but will not know when it will be adding to the chaos of combat.
    Weapon Proficiencies: Penalties are noted for characters using weapons they are not proficient in. These are weapon specific and not grouped, (i.e must have a prof for Longsword and Short sword to use both effectively) players familiar with AD&D 2E will know what this is. Players not familiar will have access to a full explanation in Fantasy Grounds.
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    Currently Running: AD&D 2E (Forgotten Realms)
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    What's the make up of the current group?
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    Hey John, sorry late night of Dancing Last night.
    Current Party Makeup: Ranger (Archer Kit), Fighter (Dwarven Battlerager Kit), Druid (Totemic Druid Kit), Rogue
    Fantasy Grounds License: Ultimate
    Games I Run: AD&D 2nd Ed, C&C
    Currently Running: AD&D 2E (Forgotten Realms)
    Games I no Longer Run: Pathfinder
    Games I play: Any~
    Converted Modules: Faiths & Avatars (2e), Demihuman Deities (2e)
    Created Content: AD&D 2E NPC generator Module

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