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    I apologize on reviving this thread but is there any update on starship combat or an eta on its release? Ive been out of the loop on this ever since the playtest and now that it is concluded I was hoping to start a Starfinder game. But the main reason I put it off last time is because the starship stuff wasn't currently integrated into the ruleset. By the way thanks for your work on the ruleset Samarex! Brought up starfinder a little while ago and really love how things have come along.

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    We have done some continued updates on Starfinder but mostly outside the starship functionality -- which was already started earlier this year by one of our contracted devs. For various reasons, we don't have any of that work-in-progress code and we were hesitant to restart it from scratch since much of it was already built. Unless we receive them in the next few days, we've finally decided that we can't wait any more and we are moving forward with a new developer to work alongside Samarex. Unfortunately, it means starting that work over from scratch. We won't have a new ETA in the near future as we figure out what sort of release schedule and quality we can expect from our new dev.

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    Thanks Doug for letting us know. Hopefully we will get that code otherwise we might have to turn someone else on the team into a robot

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    Better to do something all over, than to do nothing and to wait in vain.

    Tnx for the update, looking forward to it
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    Thats fine, at least we know whats going on and why. Just means have to be patient is all.
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    I've already given up on Starfinder at least for the next 12 to 18 months. No rancor here, just ain't gonna invest a dime or any time into it until starship combat is baked in. At this point it will not matter if it shows up sooner - I've moved on and I won't need Starfinder until I finish with a campaign using another system.


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    I've started a 5th edition game myself so that will take a few months as well. There are several Starfinder books I would like to get as well like the armory and alien archive 2 but like you there is no sense in me buying it if I am not using it. On another note I know it will be good once the starship combat is released was just hoping I would come back and find out that it was already done, but I know development takes time so I will wait patiently seeing that that is all I really can do.

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    I would like to help with the construction of the Starship Combat. Although I have no formal history in programming outside of one year of College, I feel this is within my abilities. At least as an aide. I still need to learn the finer points of FG's Referencing but DiabloBob is assisting me in understand some of the finer points.

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    Any news about this feature? I would also like to help if possible. I'm a senior software developer - i do mostly .Net but I could lend a hand or two if it would help speed things up.

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    We started the process of bringing on a new developer for this in early Dec but then they ended up having a major health issue in January. If I was superstitious, I'd start thinking there was a cloud hanging over the starship functionality. That said, if anyone wants to load up on vitamins and spiritual blessings, feel free to send an email to [email protected] and let us know that you'd be interested in working with us on it.

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