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    In addition to the above, I've been making good use of with chatsound triggers that just play in Windows Media Player to add sounds I don't already have access to via Syrinscape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skillkoil View Post
    Yeah DOE Sound Extension works well with soundcloud as well. I have been setting it up for my campaigns this past week. I really like using it. I have used Discord Music Bots in the past.

    It is nice to have that ambient sounds and music for your players.
    Sorry to ress this one, but can you teach me how to use soundcloud with DOE: Sound?

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    Tabletop Audio’s main page is good for ready-made music/ambience tunes, but they have a very kewl Beta Sound Maker with a tonne of one-off sound board sounds.
    I use it especially for combat - in particular for shooting missile weapons, whether for a Bow or Throwing Axe(used for Sling, too!).

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