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    Alright, no problem. Do you have the FG alias and the Teamspeak information from the GM announcements?

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    Unfortunately due to new players not showing up and people having technical (and other) difficulties, I'll have to cancel today's game.

    I can recommend Malkavian_Andi's next game on Sunday @ 3 PM GMT though (The First Mandate).
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    I will probably try to run the scenario (#1-04 Cries from the Drift) again on the October 7 (starting around 1 PM GMT). Malkavian_Andi has a game [edit: NEXT] Sunday [30th] @ 3 PM GMT (#1-05 The First Mandate). I can highly recommend both the GM as well as the scenario.
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    Malkavian_Andi's game is next week September 30th. Unfortunately I have to work that day.

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    True. That probably what happens when you try to keep too many different dates in your head. In that case would there be enough interest in #1-04 this Sunday @ 1 PM GMT?

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    Alright, two other players can't make it unfortunately. At the moment I don't think we have a reasonable chance at a legal table. It might change but don't expect too much.

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