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    Samarex can you add the saves to items like Grenades. Right now things like sticky grenades don't have the save info on them. We had to look it up in the books.

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    The saves on grenades will vary per the person throwing and the level of the grenade. Best thing you can do is make a generic spell called grenade and add the cast action. In there you should be able to set the DC for whatever grenade you are chucking.
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    Non lethal damage should be a thing

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    Hello, just want to throw a suggestion into the hat which i feel would make combat easier, could we have buttons for the various types of cover just above the modifier box like the 5e ruleset has for advantage and disadvantage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KillerRabbit View Post
    Non lethal damage should be a thing
    It actually doesnt work in a way to be tracked with points, per CRB PG252 It deals damage as normal. When it would take you to zero or less, it then causes you to fall unconscious but stable. Maybe a modifier button like cover that when depressed during an attack it wont put you in a dying state and instead unconscious and stable
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    The range of a Ranged Attack should really be a parameter listed in an NPC's attack details in the combat tracker. Without it, there's no way to know whether an attack is in range or what the range penalty is without wading through a lot of item lists in the middle of combat or manually altering attack names of every creature.

    We have the attack bonus. We have the damage. We just need the range for the attack to have the entire picture.



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    A Customizable affliction/poison track on the character sheet would be nice and adding all the effects in the conditions.

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    I would like to see in the chat box how many SP were spent when damage is absorbed, It can be a bother to check when you have Damage resistances and other effects.
    Also agree with Davido1000, shortcut buttons for cover modifiers like in the 5e ruleset would be nice.

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    Roll modifiers for cover and concealment are under the "+/-" button in the top right, as is the case for most of the supported d20 rule sets. While toggles near the dice tray would be helpful, there might be too many to add.
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    I was thinking it would be nice to have Pcover and cover on the desktop. I may have to look into that for an extension.
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