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    Server is up. I think we'll use Discord (official FG server, game room 3 if it is free) as I did have some problems with Teamspeak yesterday.

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    Unfortunately probably no music today as with Discord the sound is way too laggy.

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    Chronicle drafts should be sent.

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    As some might not be subscribed to the most recent thread: I will probably try to run the scenario #1-04 Cries from the Drift again on the October 7 (starting around 1 PM GMT). Malkavian_Andihas a game [edit: NEXT] Sunday [30th] @ 3 PM GMT (#1-05 The First Mandate). I can highly recommend both the GM as well as the scenario. No game next week as I will be busy.

    Edit: Would there be enough interest in #1-04 this Sunday @ 1 PM GMT?
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