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    I'm figuring things out

    Now that my group is forced to play remotely, I have spent some time getting into Effects. I have been able to create several "Spells" that allow my players to apply some cool effects to each other and their opponents. I even added Sneak Attack for the Rogue. It's really cool how well this works once you figure out how to do things. Right click is your friend.

    No real point to this other than to share my success with folks that will appreciate it. My family is less than impressed.
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    I created my first full NPC that wasnt just a basic reskin... Even went online and found a picture to import as its custom token. My players (the two that have seen it) thought the new NPC was kinda cool but showed no interest in the token/portrait. I feel your pain my friend. Grats on figuring things out, Ive only been playing for about a month and I honestly wish I wouldve joined the FG community sooner. Welcome my friend, may your 20's be natural and your ones be rolled by your players.

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    Once you start to learn how to format the wording for automating stuff, it really enhances your game.
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    The reason I started working at figuring things out was because of the Party Bard (PF1e). The other party members kept forgetting to add the bonuses for his Inspire Courage Song. Wont happen again. They also kept forgetting other bonuses given by other players, Freebooter's Bane,,,
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    1. I actually have a grey beard
    2. I have been playing RPGs since 1978.

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    I'm in the process of writing my first extension. Learned a lot yesterday its still not working but hope to have it soon. Its nothing crazy fancy but I'm just glad I'm figuring it out finally.

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