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    So, I bought the Ultimate Edition back in 2017 and I am debating about getting the upgrade. I have not used FG in a while because two in my current group are on Chromebooks, so, despite my reluctance, I had to go to something browser-based. My search-fu has failed me and all I could find was an old thread from 2015 that said Android support might come later. Is there and update on this that I missed?


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    FGU will naively support Windows, Mac, Linux. It will not immediately have tablet support. There are people on the forums that do use tablets though, typically using ChromeCast to run it on their PC and cast it to the tablet. But, the UI is not designed for that.

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    Since ChromeOS is Linux and can (I read briefly on a Google search on the topic) run Linux apps, and FGU is supposed to be available natively on Linux, I don’t see why it couldn’t work. Chromebooks aren’t tablets. I don’t have one to test with, and if bet most of them won’t have the horsepower to run FGU well. Definitely worth a try though once FGU is available!

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    I have FG running on my old Acer C720 using crouton. I haven't attempted using the native Linux options availible, but it works pretty well. There is a little stutter and lag associated when I run FG this way, but I think it is due to the Chromebook's specs than anything else. Once I get ahold of the FGU beta, I'll see if the performance is better on the Chromebook.
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    Many of the new Chromebooks have serious hardware and will run FGC or FGU very easily.

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    Would the system requirements for Chromebook be the same as PC?

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    The system requirements will not be finalized until just before we’re ready to release. Also, they will most likely be a best guess, based on feedback during beta.


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    FGU is supposed to be available natively on Linux, I don’t see why it couldn’t work.
    Most Chromebooks use ARM CPUs. They can't run x86 (PC, Mac CPUs) binaries like FGU is going to be. So, unless a ARM build is possible, FGU will run only on some (usually higher end) Chromebooks.

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