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    New world looking for players (GMT+1)

    I have finally found a way to enable a public ip on my internet account and therefore I'll be able to run campaigns .

    I have started developing a new world milking from my past experiences with D&D, it will be all made by me from the geography to politics, economics and so on it will feature full scale wars between provinces and anything my creativity will throw out of my brain.
    I have planned to lead the players from the first very levels to the last possible levels achievable and untill it will last the fun obviously .
    As far as now I've almost completed the first few sessions that would allow the party to reach lvl 2/3, I only need some more time to read again some of the rules I had thrown back in the archive of my brain to avoid annoying game moments where the master has to read the rules .

    times of the game will be any hours between the 2:00 PM and late night (GMT+1)

    For now it will be based on the core rule books of the 3.5 version of D&D the world will be a classical fantasy world with the freedom of adding merchandise, monsters and more as I see they fit well in the current game.

    Everything that has a significant impact on any adventure it will be mapped.

    One more thing:

    Be aware of everything I will say when impersonating any of my NPC or you will find your throat cut and your pursue empty in no time.

    This world will have guilds, factions, bandit organizations, Mafia leaders, etc. and therefore the level of the treachery will not be limited on a charisma check.
    When impersonating evil NPCs I will shamelessly try to fool you for a bag of gold.

    The world's name is "Kranaar".

    Anyone interested?

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    It sounds like an exciting world you are creating. I'm very interested - as long as the sessions isn't held on thursday nights.

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    I'll put the game on the matches schedule, as soon as we will have at least 4 PCs the game will start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beronar
    It sounds like an exciting world you are creating. I'm very interested - as long as the sessions isn't held on thursday nights.
    Good to hear it ... I was worried for a while.

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    I am interested, I am free just about any time around there, I might have to go somewhere at random with my parents but as far as I know I can make the sessions, I will just have to figure out the times in EST XD

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    Oh well obviously every day besides those where I'll be playing as well that currently are:
    Thursday evening (GMT+1) Stuart's campaign
    Tuesday morning 9:00 AM (GMT+1) Toadwarts' campaign

    Progress on my world:

    1) Sketched the whole provincial composition of the big pangean continent that is the center of activities in Kranaar.
    2) sketched the geographical and political details of one province (most likely the one the party will make its first contact)
    3) Mapped 3/4 of all the places the party will be at the start of the campaign (pratically it could start even now because it is very unlikely that the party will reach the points stil unmapped during the first couple of sessions):
    - 1 village
    - 1 regional map
    - 1 interior map
    - 3 wilderness tactical battleground for random encounters.
    4) every abovementioned map is already scripted using the FG history scripter tools. There are 3 sheets for player's reference featuring a brief history of the world, its geomorphal parameters, the new calendar, new names for sun, moons and a base knowledge on how general matters will look like across the continent.
    5) still don't know how long will last the first adventure because being a big world it's difficult to define when something starts and when it ends but as far as now i think I have enough material to run 2 full sessions without any problems. In fact most of the place have been already prepared through the narrator tools of FG and I will need to manually write things only during specific NPCs dialogues.

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    Cool, I just want to know now while I am making up my character, are you using the traditional ability score count up (Using the dice) or another method? 'Cause I have seen different ones, and I don't want to make up this character with these scores and have them affect the different things I am using and then have to redo everything, and also, we starting at level one?

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    Starting level is 1, I want to make sure players will feel the growing factor in power and fame terms and to do that I need them to be weak at the start.
    As per the starting abilities rule I haven't any preference among the methods explained in the HB as long as it is the same for each players.
    Until now I've found that the one that makes you throw 4 dices and take the best 3 scores is the one that adds more variety to the party, but if all players prefer to assign a given amount of ability points it's good as well.
    I think I will throw a votation as long as I get enough players to start the campaign.

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    Okay, all cool. Now we just need more people (T_T)

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    Oh, one last question (hopefully) will our character sheets for the campaign have a notes section?

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