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    Quote Originally Posted by nightwish View Post
    I've tried all of these steps, nothing has worked. its quite infuriating
    Welcome to the forums! Sorry you are having problems.

    Unfortunately, we are going to need quite a bit more information before we can provide any useful suggestions. What operating system are you using (Windows, Mac, Unix)? What version of it (Vista, Red Hat, ...)? What errors are you getting? Do you have administrative rights to the computer? Can you install other programs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlie909 View Post
    I am recently getting 《link removed》 on my laptop. Anyone else is facing such kind of error in their system? Kindly let me know if anyone has an idea regarding this kind of error in windows OS.
    You know, the link you provided above is full of suggestions on how to fix the error. It's also full of spam prompting a user to be contacted by technical support, presumably with an attached fee associated with said call. The site is also not, as far as I can tell, a Microsoft site... seems suspicious as your first post here.

    Is the error preventing you from installing or using FG?
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